Yoga for Spine (Functional Anatomy of Spine and Yoga)

Facilitator: Dr. S. Natarajan, Ph.D

Duration: 5 days X 1.5 hour

Date: 7 – 11 December

Time: 6.00 – 7.30 Pm

Contribution – 1500

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In this 5 days course, you will learn:

  • Spinal architecture, functioning, and what actions can cause injury
  • Understanding the trade-off between spinal stability and mobility
  • How individual variations in anatomical structure affect ranges of motion and injury mechanisms
  • How yoga teachers can adapt their teaching to incorporate cues that are appropriate for a variety of bodies, needs, and goals
  • The important practice for to relieve the back pain
  • Demonstrations and adaptations of yoga poses
  • Fascia and its effect on the body during movement
  • Understanding the muscles as proprioceptors, and their role in back pain
  • Why the rest period is the most important part of the movement cycle and how ignoring rest can lead to injury

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