Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)


Vande Mataram Library Trust

SAFIC is closely partnered with Vande Mataram Library Trust, an open-source and volunteer-driven project, which publishes indigenously developed, verified, authentic English translations of almost all the important scriptures available in Sanskrit. This pioneering project would also lay the foundation stone of original Sanskrit works that would enhance the appreciation and cultivation of the Vedic knowledge.

SAFIC’s research works on the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads in the light of Sri Aurobindo, are published by VMLT on specially designed websites. These are also available as apps on Android and Apple. A similar project on the Vedas in the light of Sri Aurobindo is currently underway.

SAFIC and VMLT are partners in identifying and working with Sanskrit scholars who will generate authentic and verified English translations of some of the works of the literary giants of Sanskrit. These translations are thoroughly edited and then published in book form through this partnership. So far, the translations of Madhyamavyayoga of Bhasa and Megadutam of Kalidasa have been published.

SAFIC’s partnership with VMLT is based on a shared view that the field of translation and interpretation of Sanskrit documents, rich in Shruti and Shabda-brahman, is a wide sphere meant not for hard-core social scientists but yogis, sadhaks and aspirants who can gather the sense of realization that may have inspired their work. The works produced by this partnership so far have been guided by the idea that the work of translation and interpretation when done in the right spirit naturally spills from the scholarly research domains into yogic terrain, thus becoming a means for the scholars an intellectual approach to spiritual realization.

The partnership between SAFIC and VMLT also aims to support meaningful research in areas that will work as enabling steps in the direction of educating ourselves to our national revival.


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