Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Sanskrit in the present Indian Education System – The Way Forward

Dates:  Aug 7, 2019
Venue: Vande Mataram forum of IIT Madras
On 7th of August Dr. Sampadaanda Mishra, Director, SAFIC was invited by the Vande Mataram forum of IIT Madras to deliver a talk on “Sanskrit in the present Indian Education System – The Way Forward”. This was attended by many faculties and students of IIT Madras.

In this lecture Dr. Mishra spoke about the true aim of Education and how Sanskrit has a major role to achieve the true aim of education. He spoke about the current position of Sanskrit in India and how the Sanskrit education happens in many schools in India. Dr. Mishra said that unless until the present ways of teaching Sanskrit in many schools is changed Sanskrit can not achieve its true place. India needs good and effective Sanskrit teachers, innovative ways of teaching Sanskrit in schools and text books free from grammatical burdens. He also discussed about the Devabhasha curriculum that he has developed and also how effectively Sanskrit can be taught in the schools. Dr. Mishra emphasized that if the true aim of education is to create Self-awareness then the textbook developement, content delivery mechanism and all that is related to imparting education must be in harmony with this central aim of education. Sanskrit, because of its rhythmic nature and systematic nature has immense practical value to help in the inner growth of the children. He said Sanskrit must be taught to the children right from the playschool level. Also he suggested that every state in India must impart primary education through the language of that state and link Sanskrit to the state language by assigning 60 marks to the Mother tongue and 40 marks to Sanskrit. The regional languages must be taught keeping Sanskrit along with it. At the end there was question and answer session which was highly interactive. The talk was well responded.

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