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Sanskrit at Jaipuria

“It would be better to learn Sanskrit and try to make it a truly living language.” (The Mother, CWM, 15:287)

SAFIC has helped develop a unique curriculum called Devabhasha, which is a flagship initiative of Seth M R Jaipuria School. SAFIC Director is the key resource person and mentor for this initiative. Devabhasha seeks to empower children with the ability to understand and converse in Sanskrit and thereby bring about a recovery of India’s national character and values.

Devabhasha is a nursery to class 8th curriculum, and is based on the premise that just as an infant learns his or her mother-tongue effortlessly, he or she can learn multiple other languages at this age spontaneously and without much effort, if presented in a most natural way.

The curriculum has undergone many revisions and improvements over the years, and primarily emphasises learning of Sanskrit as a living language, with plenty of exercises for conversation, idiomatic expressions, paraphrasing and translation – all the main tools required for linguistic proficiency. Students are also exposed to age-appropriate selections from some of the earliest Sanskrit literature, thus giving them a taste of the essence of India and its rich culture.

Sanskrit is taught through the medium of Sanskrit alone as part of this Devabhasha curriculum and pedagogy. Regular training of Sanskrit teachers is also provided by SAFIC.

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