Samskrita-balakatha Pathotsava – Children’s Story-telling Festival in Sanskrit

On 6 september 2020, a National level Sanskrit Story-telling Festival for children (Samskrita-balakatha-pathotsava) was organized by the Samskrita Balasahitya Parishad, Puducherry with the aim of creating interest among the children and others with regard to Sanskrit, to promote Children’s literature in Sanskrit. Eight children below age group 18 were invited to participate in this festival to read their stories in Sanskrit. Along with the children  twelve eminent creative writers from all over India participated in the festival and shared their very innovative stories.

The Inaugural Session of the National Webinar started with a Vedic Prayer (Mangalacharan) recited by Trayee – a five year old girl from Chennai. Dr.Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC and the Founder of Samskrita Balasahitya Parishad welcomed the participants and invited guests. In his welcome speech he explained about the aims and objectives of the Webinar and the works being done by Samskrita Balasahitya Parishad. Prof. Goabandhu Mishra an eminent Sanskrit Scholar and the Vice Chancellor of Shree Somanatah Sanskrit University – Gujurat was the Chief Guest of the webinar who inaugurated the programe and in his inaugural address emphasized that the Children’s Literature in Sanskrit has its own ways to inspire and bring reforms in the society and must be promoted. He shared his a short story in the webinar. Dr. Viswas – who is an eminent scholar, a Sanskrit lover, and Sahitya Akademi Awardee was the special guest of the webinar. He guided how to write a Children’s story and very beautifully told the story written by him.

The children who participated in the storytelling read out the following stories: निसर्गमित्रम् by Balashree Maitree from Mumbai, यशरहस्यम्  by Anushree from Mumbai, एकः स्वादु न भुञ्जीत  by Hirnmayee from Andhrapradesh,  छिन्नहस्तम् by Subham Kumar from Odisha, यन्त्रमानवः by Srutee Samskrutee from Uttar Pradesh, चतुरकाककथा by Kiranbala Dash from West Bengal, नीलशृगालकथा by Lipimaya Dash from West Bengal, and अतिलोभो विनाशाय  by Ritaja from Pondicherry.

The invited creative writers of eminence who participated in this program read narrated the following stories:

अन्तर्गतम् by Prof.Gopabandhu Mishra from Gujarat, भावना भिन्ना परिणामो भिन्नः by Dr.Viswas from Bangalore, ईर्षातुरः काकः by Prof. Rabindra Kumar Panda from Gujurat, गुगुल-गुरुः by Prof.Banamali Biswal from Himachal Pradesh, दुष्टेषु नोचिता मैत्री by Prof. Sukanta Kumar Senapati from New Delhi, अलारनाथः, Dr. Paramba Yogamaya from Odisha, मेघसरः by Dr. Rakesh Dash from West Bengal, सुकोमला बाला by Dr.Madhusudan Mohapatra from Pondichery, चीकुफलरसास्वादः by Dr.Narayan Dash from West Bengal, घटिता काचित् घटना by Dr. Jayaram from Chennai, शिक्षकवृत्तिः by Dr.Parag Joshi from Maharastra, and  दुरुपयोगस्य फलम् by Dr. Bharat Bhusan Rath from Andhra Pradesh.

The program was well compered by Dr.Bharat Bhusan Rath, Asst.Professor in Sahitya of National Sanskrit University-Tirupati. Dr.Paramba Shree Yogamaya, Asst.Professor in Veda of Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University-Puri proposed the vote of thanks. With a final word from Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, the program ended.

Here is the link to the live program:

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