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Samskrita Bala-Sahitya Parishad

  • The Samskrita Bala-Sahitya Parishad, inaugurated on 15 August 2014, is a unique initiative established as a part of SAFIC’s ‘Sanskrit for Children’ project. The Parishad focuses on all possible activities related to creation, evaluation, preservation and propagation of qualitative children’s literature in Sanskrit. Some of the recent activities of the Parishad include:

    • Compilation of a comprehensive bibliography of all the materials in Sanskrit related to children’s literature.
    • Organizing the Annual ‘Balakavita Pathotsava’ (Poet’s Meet) that is held in different cities across India since 2014.
    • A National Seminar on ‘Children’s Literature in Sanskrit’ was held from September 9 – 11, 2016 at New Delhi.
    • Release of two books for children – Saptavarna Chitrapatanga and Shanaih Shanaih in 2016, and Kim Bho Bala Aksharamala in 2017.
    • ‘Sanskrit for Children’ workshops to inspire school students to connect with the Sanskrit language through various fun-filled methodologies and approaches.
    • ‘Art in Sanskrit’ workshops for school students to inspire children’s interest in the Sanskrit language through art and to explore how children can be encouraged to create artwork for various kinds of children’s literature.
    • Annual meetings of the Parishad members to review the work being done.
    • Regular posts on Social Media:

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