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Sākṣātkāra – Know Thyself

Sākātkāra – Know Thyself: An 8-Week Online Program: An Exploration into Fulfilment of Pure Potential

This brief report focuses on succinctly sharing the highlights of the program and some feedback as shared by the participants as they co-traveled through this explorative journey. There will be a more detailed report which includes in-depth feedback as well as further directions that will be part of the annual report.

Number of Participants:

The program commenced on the 27th of Nov 2020 with 11 enrolments. As we progressed into week, 2 there were 6 more participants joining in.  So, in all there were 17 registrations.

Methodology and Structure of the Program:

Friday Live Online Sessions: Every week there was one online session which was scheduled at 4:00pm IST, every Friday for 8 weeks starting from the 27th of Nov 2020. This session brought out the concept of the week through discussions, experiential activities and facilitator led presentation.

Worksheets: As we progressed through the week worksheets were shared. These worksheets aimed at summarising the concept of the week and exploring practice tools which could bring about the translation of the concept shared into a living reality.

One on one meetings:  Taking into account the uniqueness of each individual, their needs, challenges and strengths, one on one meetings between the participants and facilitator were also scheduled. The agenda for these one on one sessions was set as:

To get an idea on how the participants are progressing through the week.

To see if there are any obstacles that they may be facing in their weekly practice.

To identify potential topics for  individual project work, prioritise on one and chart the journey ahead.

To discuss if there is anything else that could make the journey more fulfilling.

Participants shared that they look forward to another course on the same lines which aided the process of discovering the Self.  They also shared that look forward to having a reunion.

Program Overview:

Week 1 began with introductions – facilitator, participant and program introductions.  The overall theme and methodology of the program was laid out. This was followed by going deeper into an understanding of the essentials which aid in our journey of knowing ourselves better. Pillars of Well-Being were discussed and simple practices to enhance and integrate well-being as part of our lives were brought out through the worksheet.

Week 2 focussed on the Power of Positivity through the exploration of perceptual filters and conditioning. The importance of being Open, Curious, Appreciative, Kind and Authentic was emphasised through simple yet profound experiential activities.  There were quick polls initiated to check our understanding of the concepts presented. Participants were guided into pre-assigned breakout rooms, were they discussed in smaller groups their story of positivity. The worksheet aimed at raising awareness of our daily dosage of positivity and how to build our own positivity portfolio.

As we set out into Week 3, the Five Question Sākṣātkāra Framework was introduced. The pyramid model and the matrix of Sākṣātkāra Framework was explained in detail. 

And from there on each week was focused on one question.  The milestones we touched upon are Awareness, Clarity, Excellence, Freedom and Harmony. 

Week 3 initiated a reflection on Question No. 1 which in essence opened up the experience of the experiencer – that which experiences. Week 4 dealt with Question No. 2 helping us gain an insight into our resources which many a times we may take for granted. Week 5 – Question No. 3 initiated us on a dialogue with ourselves to come face to face with our values in favour of purposeful living.  We also had the presence of an esteemed guest – Arul Dev (Founder CEO of People First Consultants). He graced the platform sharing his life story and answering questions from the participants. This week also had another reputed member from the scientific community, Dr. Ramanujam, join in for an interview, which was later viewed by the participants. Week 6 – Question No. 4 helped us to explore the possibility of designing our life in accordance with our values. Our thoughts, emotions and behaviours aligned towards empowering us on the direction of purposeful living. And finally, Week 7 – Question No. 5 nudged us to harmonise all these elements on a day to day basis, in ourselves, in our relationships and our interactions. The guiding principles on which the foundation of this course – Sākṣātkāra is laid were also reiterated.  Week 8 – The program ended with participants sharing their individual journey and projects. The closing speech was given by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra (Director SAFIC), who has dedicated his efforts towards rediscovering the aesthetic and scientific nature of the Sanskrit language for more than two decades now. The words that he spoke flowed effortlessly and harmoniously into summarising our 8 Week online journey.

The main idea of the program being that once we choose to be guided by awareness, we can align the many parts of  ourselves towards our important values and valued aspirations. Through this we also experience coherence in ourselves. This ultimately translates into an integrated self. As we relate to the world through this harmonious self, we see that it spreads forth as harmony in our environment, in our interactions and relationships.

An online feedback form was shared with the participants after the 8th Friday live online session. This was duly filled by 12 participants.  The feedback received was very valuable as it helped in gaining an insight into those aspects of the program that were beneficial for the participants and those that could be further honed in favour of ensuring the best outcomes.

Snippets of the feedback are as follows:

Graph 1: To the question, overall how would you rate this course, 7 participants selected beyond expectations and 5 selected as out being excellent.

Overall how would you rate this course?

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