SAFIC Online Course

Date: 6th to 11 July 2020 
Location: Online

Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC), Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry Organised an online course titled “Samatvam – Understanding Yogic Equality, The Foundation of Inner Progress”. The course content was designed by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra and was conducted between 6th to 15th July 2020. The entire course was facilitated by Dr. Mishra for which 55 participants had registered. The course was conducted every day from 7-8 PM through Google Meet. After every session, there was a q & n session. The session recording and the session summary notes were sent to all the participants.

The goal of the course was to impart the core meaning of samatvam yoga ucyate of the Gita and putting it into practice in one’s day to day life and to throw light on the idea of EQUALITY (samatva) and ONENESS (ekatva) as envisioned by the seers and sages of the past. Materials from the Vedas, Upanishads, the Gita and the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were used for the discussions.

The topics were discussed with relevant stories from our shastras to further enhance the understanding on topics in an engrossing way. Quotes by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, Verses from the Gita and quotes from our Shastras for various topics were used, explained and delved into in greater details for better assimilation of the topics.

The following topics were covered as part of the course:

Day 1: Introduction (what is samatva and ekatva)

Day 2: Yogic Equality as the Foundation of inner progress

Day 3: Equality of Mind, Heart and the Vital and the Spiritual Equality

Day 4: Concept of sthitaprajñatā or Steadiness of Intelligence in Wisdom

Day 5: Concept of nistraiguṇya or Transcendence of Three Gunas

Day 6: How to practice Equality in Day to Day Life – Guidelines

Here is the feedback from few participants:

-Excellent contents and their delivery.

-I liked all the sessions, because with your each word i feel deeper connection in the heart and sometimes in whole being i feel vibration, so good, gratitude Samapadbhai.

– The explanation of Brahmacharya was excellent.

-More regular sessions like this will be very useful.

-Request you for a complete online course on step by step understanding of Integral Yoga.

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