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Resource Persons

Thakur Prasad

Thakur Prasad ji has been an active volunteer at SAFIC for several years. He is a dedicated worker who helps with detailed research and proofreading of several of our Sanskrit publications. 

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Dr. Y.N. Rao

Dr. Y.N. Rao, a linguist from Hyderabad is a valuable Sanskrit resource person of SAFIC. He has been conducting online Sanskrit courses, completely free, since past seven years using a simple email platform. 

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Dr. Prabhjot Kulkarni

Dr. Prabhjot Kulkarni, a resource person to SAFIC, is the former Principal of Maharshi Valimki College of Education, University of Delhi. With more than 40 years of teaching experience at the University of Delhi,

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Dr. N. Kalyani

Dr. N. Kalyani, a Prenatal and Perinatal Expert, has been associated with SAFIC for about a year.She is a resource person for SAFIC and has been actively conducting various Prenatal sessions and workshops for SAFIC. 

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Dr. Pranjal Garg

Dr. Pranjal Garg is an archaeologist and specialises in Ancient Indian History and Culture. After graduating from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (Ashram School),

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Auro Ashish

Auro Ashish is a Yoga Entrepreneur based in Pondicherry (India) and he runs an Eco-friendly Yoga Studio by the name of LIFESTYLE YOGA STUDIO and he also manufactures and exports Eco-friendly Yoga Mats and Accessories

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