Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Research at SAFIC

Ongoing Research Projects At SAFIC

At SAFIC, we consider Research to be a much wider activity than merely conducting experiments. For some of our projects, we use quantitative and qualitative research methods as necessary, and for others, we use more action-oriented and practitioner-based approaches to deepen our study and work in a particular area.

The Sanskrit Immersion Experiment: Mental, Emotional, Psychological And Physical Impact

The proposed research uses an exploratory and descriptive qualitative approach using a single case

The Healing Power Of Chandas

Aim of the Study : To understand the neuroscientific basis as well as healing benefits of Sanskrit meters (Chandas) with a focus on their effect on children with learning disabilities.

Sanskrit Literature For Children

Currently, in the field of Sanskrit, there is very limited material available which introduces Sanskrit to the children of various age groups in a systematic as well as fascinating manner.

Mothersglow – A Safic Initiative On Prenatal Education

SAFIC team has been engaged in gathering a lot of relevant material in the area of prenatal education from ancient Indian perspectives as well as from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Menstrual Health And Hygiene: Creating Awareness And Cultural Sensitivity

As part of SAFIC’s initiative on Prenatal Education, we have taken up a larger research project on menstrual health and hygiene particularly in the light of Indian cultural

Rethinking Feminism From Indian Perspectives

As part of SAFIC’s mission to connect the ancient Indian wisdom to modern-day challenges and highlight the relevance of the wisdom of Indian cultural and spiritual traditions

Yoga: The Discipline of Transforming Oneself

Sri Aurobindo Society is a recognised member institution of the Indian Yoga Association, a premiere institution working for the advancement of Yoga and its applications.

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