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 The importance of Mantra Yoga lies in the fact that it helps improving all human activities and mantra connects us with the whole life. Mantra Yoga adds quality to all that we do in our life, it helps us do things with more awareness, more in tune with the greater universe of consciousness. The main purpose of this calss is to give a deeper understanding of the practice of Mantra Yoga and explain through experiential mode the power of the primal sounds which are creative and formative.

This class will help in silencing and integrating the mind, allowing the entire consciousness to vibrate with the Mantra; ultimately it leads to a meditative state. It helps in affirmative thinking. The result has always shown that a regular practice of mantra chanting can reduce stress, enhance mental clarity and memory, as well as lessen negative thinking, expand the senses, engage creativity and produce feelings of happiness and joy.

Facilitator: Dr. Sampadananda Mishra

Days: Saturday, Morning 6:00 to 7:00 AM IST

Number of classes in a week: 1 (Every Saturday morning 6-7)

Number classes in a month: 4

Contribution: 1000 INR Per Month


Yogabhyasa (yoga+abhyaasa) is a beginner-friendly yoga class that will go through various asanas, breathing techniques, pranayama and meditation with the help of props.  The focus will be on maintaining an awareful practice with importance given to technique, alignment and sequential build-up of the practice.

Facilitator: Ishwarya Chaitanya

Morning Batch

Days: Tue, Thurs, & Sat 7-8 AM IST

Evening Batch

Days: Mon, Wed, & Fri  5.30 – 6.30 PM  IST

Number of classes per batch in a week: 3

Number classes per batch in a month: 12

Contribution: 2000 INR Per Month per batch


The children will learn yoga in a playful way. They will learn yoga poses, breathing and relaxation exercise to cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility. Improve their gross motor skill, concentration and they will understand how to manage their feelings. The class will end with a period of relaxation.

Facilitator: Ranjana Swain

Days: Mon Wed & Fri, evening 4:30 to 5:30 PM IST

Number of classes in a week: 3

Number classes in a month: 12

Contribution: 1000 INR Per Month


We often hear the word purpose of life but we don’t believe in it because we’re in a hurry to reach office or make lunch or go for a party. And end of the day we become sad thinking and regretting for not doing what we really wanted to do!

Your thoughts shape your life, time has come to pause a bit and transform your thoughts for a fulfilling life and becoming more productive. This will be dine through various Yoga techniques including zen therapy and Japanese productivity management technique.

Facilitator: NUPUR TIWARI

Days: Friday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM IST

Number of classes in a week: 1 

Number classes in a month: 4 

Contribution: 1000 INR Per Month 


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