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Karmayoga in the World Today

Karmayoga in the World Today

In current times, when we spend most of our time in engagement with the material world, either by choice or by chance, where there are oceans of opportunities but not an ounce of satisfaction. So is there a way to make this work and life meaningful? Is there a way to transform ourselves through work? These were some of the major perspectives explored through 15 days of Karma Yoga sessions. The session started from 17th October 2020 and ended on 31st October 2020. Every day for an hour, from 10.00 am to 11.00 am IST, Karma Yoga sessions reached the doorstep of ever registered aspirant through Zoom virtual webinars. Participants from different continents across the globe participated in the sessions. Every day a different facilitator shared different perspectives on Karma Yoga. With 15 different topics and 15 different facilitators, the programme became an integrated experience, addressing Karma yoga in many possible dimensions. Every session used to start with a musical invocation by Sunil da followed by a few words from Dr. Sampadananda Mishra. Each speaker was then introduced to the participants by Mrs Deepa followed with the discourse by the facilitator. The gist of each session was shared by James Anderson at the end before a question and answer session.

Sessions started with an understanding of love towards work and ended with  excellence in work. The journey in between shed light on understanding the dynamics of consciousness at work; the role of our attitude towards the people and work; right actions; surrender; balancing between the individual aspiration and society; actions through decisions and practical ways to make the simplest of actions ripen to a profound bliss inside us. The sessions deeply touched upon how to transform work to worship no matter where one presently stands. The reality is, one may work for livelihood, or passion or as a service or as a social responsibility, but ultimately every kind of work and every action we do can be transformed and offered to the Divine.

The sessions were mostly practical and interactive with the participants sharing their inputs through chats and the panelists discussing them in the group and with the facilitators. The recordings of the sessions were made available to all the participants soon after the sessions every day. Participants were also encouraged to discuss and interact with the facilitators even after the sessions through the WhatsApp group to get more clarity on the topics discussed.  At the end of the programme, feedback was collected from the participants to address concerns and needs better for the future.

The  participants shared that most of the sessions were of a meditative kind. They also shared that the design of the programme helped them to dive deeper into the practice of Karma yoga, as after every session they were going back to their work and therefore they could relate and reflect much more to the insights imparted. They also expressed gratitude to all the facilitators and shared their willingness to participate in similar programmes/sessions in the coming days.

The sessions was organised and hosted jointly by    Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) and NAMAHthe Journal of Integral Health.

Here are feedback from few participants:

Here are feedback from a few participants:

– “All of them dwelt with different aspects of KARMAYOGA. The sessions were excellent.”

– “All sessions are beautiful, especially Decision Making, yogah karmasu kaushalam, Work as Worship, meditation by James, Karmayoga for children.”

–“ It was perfect.”

– “The courses conducted were excellent. However, the sound audio and sound quality needs to be a little better. Suggest that the speakers keep their microphone nearer to them while speaking so that the softness in their voices are more audible. Other than that, the course/sessions were exemplary Excellent.”

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