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Is Sanskrit Relevant Today?

Date: 15 February 2020 
Venue: IIT Roorkee

Is Sanskrit Relevant Today?

On 25 of February, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Director SAFIC, was invited to deliver a special lecture at IIT Roorkee. The topic of the talk was ‘Is Sanskrit Relevant Today?’ The Sanskrit club of IIT Roorkee had organized this talk at the Bose Auditorium in which many Sanskrit enthusiasts, students and professors attended the talk. Dr. Mishra spoke about some remarkable features of Sanskrit which make this a language relevant not just for the present, but for the future as well.

Dr. Mishra said that people usually think of Sanskrit as only the language of religion, scripture and prayer. But in truth, Sanskrit is the language in which almost every subject was written. There is in fact, more non-religious, scientific literature in Sanskrit than texts on religious subjects. In fact, India, the land of the origin of Sanskrit, was once the leader in the field of scientific discoveries, and almost all of those were written in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit, as one of the oldest existing languages, has contributed immensely towards shaping the history of India’s culture and civilisation. But even today, its beauty, logic and almost flawless structure bring a universal appeal.

The proper use of Sanskrit in everyday life can endow its user with enhanced creativity and imagination, clearer thinking, deeper concentration and better memory.

Not only does Sanskrit help students to gain self-confidence and clarity in speech, language skills and logical thinking, it also enhances their skill and understanding in other, seemingly unrelated subjects like science, mathematics and computers. Moreover, Sanskrit generates a deeper awareness in students of themselves and everything around them. These are timeless qualities. It’s because of this and many other reasons Sanskrit remains relevant not only for today but also for the progressive evolution of humanity.

Post dinner Dr. Mishra also had an interactive session with few members of Sanskrit club in which he dealt in with many practical questions raised by the members with regard to life, education and Sanskrit.

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