Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)


Indian Yoga Association

Indian Yoga Association (IYA) is a premiere institution working for the advancement of Yoga and its applications. It provides extensive research facilities to carry out fundamental and clinical research and organises conferences and seminars on a variety of themes to promote the knowledge of this ancient science. IYA provides accreditation to Yoga institutions based on high standards of excellence. It continues to work on imparting various courses for dissemination of research and application of Yoga to various fields of life.

Indian Yoga Association aims to bring together all yoga traditions and work as a self-regulatory body to facilitate activities of its member institutions. Sri Aurobindo Society is a recognised member institution of the Indian Yoga Association.

SAFIC, as the specialised unit of the Society focusing on Indian Culture, organises and conducts regular yoga classes (asana and pranayama). These classes are open for the staff, guests and visitors of Sri Aurobindo Society as well as any member of the larger community.

Read more about these classes HERE.

To celebrate 5th International Yoga Day, SAFIC yoga class gave a demonstration on the morning of June 21. READ FULL REPORT HERE.


SAFIC also organises Mantra yoga workshops, as well as mantra chanting sessions as part of its various other courses.

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