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Jointly organized by SAFIC & NAMAH, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

This online programme was the product of the first joint collaboration between the Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) and NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health.  The course occurred over 15 days, with a different facilitator holding a session at 10 am for one hour each day.It was very much an international assembly, involving over 110 participants from all over the world and from different time-zones. Because of this, many people opted for the recordings which were made available after each session and which were summarised in PDF format so that the insights imparted could be thoroughly digested. During the whole course, a meaningful interplay and dialogue took place between everyone involved in the programme through online group interaction. Iy was a continuous process and it still carries on this day.

The aim of this course was to demonstrate a way for all, who are open and sincere enough to practise on themselves, to take charge of their own health and not rely on outside and conventional medicines and modalities. The practice works right down to the level of our immunity from outside disease and any disturbing contagion.  As prevention is always the best cure, the first necessity, therefore, is always to seek for implanting a stable equilibrium inside our being.  Once inner harmony is installed, the true panacea for our well-being is realised. 

At the lowest tier, it starts with the role of the patient (Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar), who on a material level, assists the physician in maintaining a good order within the body and vital  nature and who collaborates with him or her in any recovery process. Very often, we have to abdicate this role in our healing to a physician or healer, one who has evolved further in life’s journey (Dr. Alok Pandey). But ultimately, the Ideal Healer sits inside each one of us. It is up to each of us to find it.

The same applies to mental health. Instead of giving our destiny to a counsellor, which can result in a very protracted and someimes inconclusive process, we can find a way of becoming a counsellor for ourselves (Dr. Falguni Jani). This also applies to finding ways of dealing with psychological traumas after unexpected catastrophe enters our life (Pulkit Sharma).

The best way to establish this equilibrium is to engage in a path of progress (Gitanjali) and upward, creative movement (Lopa Mukherjee). Ultimately we all eventually realise that it is the inside which governs the outside (Dr. Debabrata Sahani) and when we achieve this, our consciousness starts to shift inward (Dr. Yogesh Mohan) and it aligns with the true centre within ourselves, the psychic being, which is the evolving soul inside us all (Manoj Pavitran).  The psychic being is the master-key to all healing. Sometimes it offers us an appropriate  vehicle which can assist our ultimate well-being. A sacred Word or mantra may be all that we need (Dr. Sampadananda Mishra).  When it comes, we are well advised to use it.

When we learn to align inside, we behave more innovatively and skillfully to situations that beset us (Dan Capdeville). This gives us the opportunity to transform ourselves. As the Mother said, leading a true and correct way of life is an indispensable means to good health. But this way of living begins always from inside.

To radiate this well-being, we have to surrender (Monica Gulati) but, at the same time, we need to apply effort and consciously work on ourselves (James Anderson) in order to keep our nature refined and in good order so that the descending Force, the True Consciousness, can saturate our being for perfect health and ultimately, transformation.  We don’t just want our healing just patched up but eventually transformed. When we do this, we become Warriors (Nitasha Sharma), immobile and integrated enough to withstand any attack or onslaught from outside and ready to rise up to higher and more refined levels of health and well-being.

Ultimately, the human being is a complex entity who must find a way of bridging the divide that exists inside and establish mastery only available through the psychic being. This 4th-dimensional principle, if we learn to integrate ourselves, will govern everything that represents our individuality. This is how we heal ourselves integrally (Dr. Soumitra Basu). The implications of this process  are immense. They amount to a true inner mastery and this inner mastery is the gateway to transformation.

The whole program was well responded and almost all participants felt it was much useful. Here is the feedback from few participants:

All facilitators were nice and useful as they covered a whole gamut of personality on which one needs to work upon for healing ourselves.

– All the sessions have been extremely beneficial and useful.

– Each session had something unique and yet all together had an Integral feel.

– Each session enhanced my understanding of a particular aspect of healing, many sessions did these very effectively in the Light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, which I absolutely loved.

– Very honestly I liked them all, in fact it was great how each person treated her/his “subject” with utmost care and selflessness, giving us glimpses of the specific beauty of each in such diversity.

– Each session was a window into the art of healing and one which is inbuilt in us. I learned something unique and relevant from each person. I found what made the sessions strong as a whole was that there was a difference between each person and at the same time the message was universal. It shows the myriad and creative ways in which one can walk the path to truth. Thank you for bringing together such an impeccable collective of teachers… Again, although each different, I learned something very valuable from each and every one.

Report by James Anderson

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