Garbhayoga Vidya – A Workshop on Yoga for Pregnancy

Garbhayoga Vidya – A Workshop on Yoga for Pregnancy

“Garbhayoga Vidya – a workshop on yoga for pregnancy” was organized online from 6th to 15th October. Sessions were conducted by Dr Nidhi Choudhary, a Yoga researcher and yoga consultant with specialization in yoga for women’s health.

Sessions were attended by people from India as well as Malaysia and USA. Sessions focused on Need for prenatal yogic lifestyle, as Yoga is about changing the mind to adapt to the changing phases during the antenatal phase. This is achieved through preparing the mind through asanas, breathing and other techniques of mind control. Thus, yoga plays a significant role from before conception till long after the birth of the child.

Also, sessions emphasized the importance of fetal talk therapy in pregnancy and pelvic floor strengthening practice of bandhas and mudra to prevent or cure incontinence issues.

Overall, the workshop was successful with good feedback from all the participants.

Feedback from few participants:

-Fetal talk therapy and yoganidra was explained clearly. The teacher’s approach was good (teacher – student). Mudras and Bandas were are also informative for me.

-They were interesting and I have learned many things and will try to practice them.

-Appreciate  your  honest way of imparting your knowledge. Sthambaasana was a very simple effective input sometimes we forget that basics can be very useful n effective

-Thank you for the classes which were truly holistic. Some of the discussions were relevant to us as individuals which I enjoyed. It was your hands on experience which made the classes more interesting.

-It was very interesting, insightful and interactive session. I have learned so much and hope with this knowledge I am able to prepare for my pregnancy.

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