Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Functional Anatomy of Spine and Yoga

Sri Aurobindo Foundation of Indian Culture (SAFIC) in coordination with Mansuhi Yoga faculty Dr. S.Natarajan Ph.D (Yoga) conducted a 5 days workshop on Functional Anatomy of Spine and Yoga. It is the need of hour as in the lockdown period, we are spending more hours in digital equipments, sedentary lifestyle. This is likely to be result of many back related issues like back pain, Ankylosing and Spondylitis.

The Yoga for Spine as SAFIC Online Yoga Classes was conducted between 7th to 12th December, 2020 daily in the evening 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

This course was organised to have:

  1. An in-depth knowledge of Spinal architecture,functioning, and what actions can cause injury.
  2. Understanding the trade-off between spinal stability and mobility.
  3. How Individual variations in anatomical structure affect ranges of motion and injury mechanisms.
  4. How yoga teacher can adapt their teaching to incorporate cues that are appropriate for a variety of bodies, needs, and goals.
  5. The important practice for to relieve the back pain.
  6. Demonstrations and adaptations of yoga poses.
  7. Fascia and its effect on the body during movements.
  8. Understanding the muscles as proprioceptors, and their role in back pain.
  9. Why the rest period is the most important part of the movement cycle and…
  • How ignoring rest can lead to injury.

18 participants from various professions like Yoga teachers, advocate, Teaching professionals registered for the course from various locations as UK, USA, India etc attended this course. It was a great course with Holistic Approach involving the body, Mind and Soul.

In response to positive and appreciative feedbacks from the participants, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra- Director of SAFIC in his valedictory address informed that he was very happy to know of the participants feedback and will be conducting more sessions every month.

Here are feedback from few participants:

-Dr.S.Natarajan is a wonderful teacher. Thanks so much to everyone who made it happen.

– We would like to have more sessions as this session was very deep and deeply learnt about anatomy of the spine and its practical applications.

– These were the wonderful days to go deeply and consciously aware of the conscious movements with awareness.

-The classes were very interesting and with lot more valuable information. It has enriched our knowledge with regard to spine health. We hope and believe that with double enthusiasm and renewed vigour conduct similar sessions on health— Heart Joints and Nervous system.

-It was a great course. I wish it was longer. In 5 days, we just touched the surface. Dr. Natarajan is a wonderful teacher. Thanks so much to everyone who made it happen.

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