Fifty Hours Yoga Foundation Course

The Yoga initiative of SAFIC conducted a 50 hours Foundation course on Yoga for Wellness from 1 to 30 September 2020. This is an Indian Yoga Association affiliated course in which twenty participants from various parts of the globe took part. The course took place from 3.30 to 5.30 PM everyday from 1 to 30 September except Sundays. The inaugural session started with the explanation of the aims and objectives of the course by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra. For conducting the first session on Yoga and its objectives Shri Ramachandra Roddam was invited. The daily schedule of the course started with the theory class by the experts and the practical sessions by Ranjana Swain, the Yoga Professional Teacher at SAFIC. Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Swami Taponidhi, Shri Ramachandra Roddam and Smt Ruchita Rane were the facilitators of the theory sessions which included introduction to the various Yoga Shastras, various aspects of the Indian culture related to Yogic sadhana, and topics related to diet, nutrition, cleanliness etc. necessary for yoga practice. Each and every session was recorded, along with the recording of each session, all the necessary documents for the practical sessions were shared with the registered participants. The course ended on 30 September and the concluding session took place in the presence of Shri Ravi Tulumuri ji, join secretary IYA, Smt Ankita Pandey, coordinator, IYA PrCB, and all other resource persons at SAFIC – Swami Taponidhi, Shri Ramachandra Roddam, Ruchita Rane and Auro Ashish. The feedback from the participants was very encouraging.

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