Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

ARTH – A Cultural Festival

Date: 21 to 23 February 2020
Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC was invited to speak at ARTH Festival organized by Zee TV. On 23 February Dr. Mishra participated in a panel discussion with Dr. David Frawley ji, Dr. Nagaraja ji and Hema Hari ji discussing about Devabhsha – the language of light, divinity and perfection. Hema Hari, the moderator, started the session highlighting on how Language of Gods essentially implies the inherent ethos and way of communication embedded in Divine Nature itself – Deva Bhasha. Dr. Mishra then spoke about the Sanskrit as an ideal language that enables expressing one’s experience with minimum loss of meaning, with minimum expenditure of energy, and with minimum number of words. He also spoke of the three ideals of Sanskrit – spiritual, aesthetic and scientific. In his concluding remark he mentioned that Sanskrit must be taught in all schools along with mother tongues.

Through various examples Dr. Mishra explained the practical value of learning Sanskrit and the ways and means for bringing this language to the children of India. The significance of the root-sounds were also explained by him through various examples. Dr. Nagaraja Paturi spoke about the systematic nature of Sanskrit Alphabet and other significance of Sanskrit. Dr. David Frawley spoke that, in language we have two things – sound and meaning. There is a cosmic dimension of language where there is a correlation of sound and meaning, and all that together forms poetry. And this idea is enhanced in Sanskrit. The session was attended by hundreds of enthusiasts who attended the festival. 

As a part of the visit, Dr. Mishra also met and had conversation with Dr. Subramanian Swamy with regard to the various activities of SAFIC. 

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