An Introduction to Indian Philosophical Schools of Thought

An Introduction to Indian Philosophical Schools of Thought

This course was offered by SAFIC from 12 to 20 October with the aim of introducing the various Indian philosophical schools of thought. Around 25 participants had shown interest but finally around 16 participants attended the live classes facilitated by Ms Ruchita Rane from Mumbai. In the first class the participants were given an overview of the course and then in the successive sessions they were explained about the basic principles and ideas of various philosophical schools of thought like the Buddhist school of thought, the Jain School of thought, the Charvaka school of thought, the Sankhya school of thought, Nyaya school of thought, Vaisheshika school of thought, Mimansa school of thought, and Yoga school of thought. The sessions were interactive and the participants were clear that they want to learn the very basic things about these different schools of thought in a simple manner rather than entering into the intricacies of the subject. And this was followed by the facilitator. The participants were keen on drawing parallels or understanding the relevance and connection of our darshanas with the modern scientific or philosophical systems and these too were dealt with succinctly.

Feedback from few participants:

-Thank you very much! Great session and enjoyable!

-Thanks ma’am it has been an eye opening session.

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