Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

30th All Odisha Conference of the Sri Aurobindo Medical Association

Dates: September 14-15, 2019
Venue: Matrubhan and SCB Medical college, Cuttack

Towards a New Creation – Safely and Consciously

This was the theme of the 30th All Odisha Conference of the Sri Aurobindo Medical Association which took place on 14th and 15th September 2019 at Matrubhan and SCB Medical college, Cuttack. This was a unique amalgamation of science and spirituality in the field of maternal and child health.

Dr. Sampadanananda Mishra, Director SAFIC was invited to conduct a workshop on how to facilitate the emergence of a new race. He was assisted by two other resource persons – Prashanti Mishra and Rutu Baldha for conducting this workshop. In addition to the workshop Dr. Mishra also delivered two lectures on the Vedic recommendation for pre-conception and post-conception period.

The conference organisers had set of an exhibition of on true maternity and child care. The content of the exhibition was mainly collated from the writings of the Mother. There were many inspiring passages from the other thinkers and visionaries too.

Dr. Mishra in his lectures highlighted that in the Vedic tradition, there are three major types of scriptures dealing with different aspects of pre-natal education. There are scriptures like grihyasutras and smritigranthas dealing with the rules of rituals and ceremonies to be performed by the parents to bring forth a child – healthy and heroic, bright and brilliant. There are other scriptures like garbhopanishad dealing with the Vedantic doctrine of science of embryology from which one comes to know about the physical growth of the embryo since the time of

its formation till it becomes ready to be born as a child. The third type of scripture forms a part of Ayurveda and is known as Kaumarabhritya which deals with the pre-natal and post-natal care of the child. In addition to this there are plenty of materials in Ayurveda texts dealing with various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. As per the Vedic tradition the womb is called the kṣetra or the field in which the seed of new life is to be sown. The uterus is itself the temple of life. For that matter, the body itself is considered to be the kṣetra for facilitating the spiritual evolution of life. The word kṣetra, in its deeper sense, means that which prevents spiritual decline of life. The tradition here believes that the body is indispensable for spiritual evolution and must be protected by all means (shariiramaadyam khalu dharmasaadhanam). The insights that we get in the ancient Indian texts dealing with pregnancy and childbirth are of much of importance today and need to be brought into the practical field. All the available materials inform us that Educating and nurturing a child must begin from before the child takes birth, and we also learn that the ancient Indian approach aimed at creating a conscious population.

In Dr. Mishra’s workshop the participants were explained about the theory and practice of prenatal education. Many creative activities along with yogasana, pranayama, mudras beneficial during the pregnancy period for maintaining necessary physical, emotional and psychological health for a conscious pregnancy and child birth were explained to the participants.

Report by SAFIC

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