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सुप्रजा – suprajā – A Simple Program for Conscious Conception and Childbirth

सुप्रजा suprajā A Simple Program for Conscious Conception and Childbirth

“…True maternity begins with the conscious creation of a being, with the willed shaping of a soul coming to develop and utilize a new body…To bear a child and construct his body almost subconsciously is not enough. The work really commences when, by the power of thought and will we conceive and create a character capable of manifesting an ideal.” (The Mother, CWM, Vol 2, p. 157)

This program, hosted by Sri Aurobindo Foundation For Indian Culture (SAFIC), intended to create an awareness about conscious conception and child birth through series of 6 sessions facilitated by Dr. N. Kalyani, Founder Dhyanbaby Prenatal Program and a Resource Person at SAFIC. Program was held from 7th December to 12th December 2020 through online platform at 4:30 pm every day for an hour. Participants from various background had joined the program.

This science of conscious conception and childbirth has its roots in ancient Vedic society, of which a few rare fragments are struggling to survive today. Dr. Kalyani has meticulously reconstructed the essential but currently lost fragments and presented in this program. This is as acknowledge by participants in their feedbacks.

Core tenet of the program is the principle that children need no training. Aspiring adults and parents need to be trained. Children pick up spirituality the way they pick up language without being taught. The evidence of this principle can be found as recorded in anecdote of Abhimanyu learning technique of piercing through the Chakra-Vyuha ( a kind of war strategy) from Lord Krishna, while he was still under formation in the womb of his mother-Subhadra-the wife of Arjuna.

Broad synopsis of the program conducted by Dr. Kalyani can be highlighted by the below mentioned topics covered:

  1. Understanding the spiritual aim of marriage and human relationship.
  2. Being clear about the aim of giving birth to a child.
  3. Learning what to do and what not to do during pregnancy.
  4. Understanding the physical aspects of prenatal care: exercise, diet, physical health of the mother-to-be, her physical surrounding etc.
  5. Learning about the psychological aspects of the prenatal care: the emotional health of the parents, bonding with the child, the emotional and aesthetic environment of the mother-to-be etc.
  6. Knowing about the garbhasanskar, the ancient insights into the concept of prenatal education.
  7. Understanding the deeper spiritual dimension of how a child comes into the world.
  8. Learning stories, arts and crafts, music, rhythmic body movements, chanting of Mantras etc. which are not just helpful during pregnancy, but are immensely powerful in shaping the yet-to-born child according to the highest ideal conceivable.

Here is the feedback from few participants:

– I have done prenatal course but I came to know many unknown things. I am feeling blessed after joining this course. Thank you Dr. Kalyani for sharing this wonderful knowledge with us.

– It was very wonderful and beneficial sessions. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I am so much interested in prenatal education and this sessions made me learn more about it.

-The session was really insightful. Came to know many unknown spheres related to child birth. This session is really going to help all here who are planning for a new soul to evolve out of the womb.

– Thank you so much for the enlightening session mam. You have articulated the complex and sensitive topics so neatly and beautifully.  I am looking forward to hear more such interesting and wonderful topics from you. Feeling blessed

-Thank you so much Dr Kalyani for such an insightful sharing and enlightening us on the importance of Conscious Conception and Childbirth. You brought to light the Vedic knowledge on pregnancy beautifully. I hope more people will come to listen and learn from you.

– I am Immensely grateful for the repertoire of insights you provided and the face that you emphasised the wisdom that lies in the Indian culture lent a unique flavor. A perfect blend of science and spirituality. My prayers and wishes that your journey in bringing in the Light of Sanctity to the process of conception and conscious birthing may stand blessed forever in The Divine Mother’s Grace and Light.

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