गर्भयोग विद्या – Garbhayoga Vidya – A Workshop on Yoga for Pregnancy

Facilitator: Dr. Nidhi Choudhary (Yoga Consultant and Researcher | Specialized in Yoga for Women Health)

Date: From 6-15 October (Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Time: 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM

Duration: 10 Hours

Contribution: 5000/-
For Registration Visit: https://forms.gle/TEah9Eemxb3gbmgA8

1. Debunking the myths associated with pregnancy as well as postnatal phase (Theory)

There are several myths and misconceptions that get propagated and lead to negligent or sometimes, harmful behavior. These session will look at some of these prevalent myths and will try to demystify them using scientific evidence.

2. Need for prenatal Yogic lifestyle (Theory + Practical)

Yoga is about changing the mind to adapt to the changing phases during the antenatal phase. This is achieved through preparing the mind through asanas, breathing and other techniques of mind control. Thus, yoga plays a significant role from before conception till long after the birth of the child.

3. Fetal Talk Therapy (Theory + Practical)

This is a fairly new technique that has shown promise and provides a wonderful avenue for mothers to connect with their babies. Several mothers have said that they are able to understand their body and the growing child better, as a result of these sessions.

4. Understanding Labour & delivery- Yogic practices and solutions (Theory + Practical)

Most of the first time parents fear most going through labour and delivery. And Yogic techniques like pranayama and meditation prepares them for easy and smooth. Also addition of other alternative techniques like evidence based acupressure for inducing labour etc.

5. Pelvic floor muscle strength and postpartum depression (Theory +Practice)

Many women suffer with weak pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and even after delivery causing incontinence or organ prolapse. And postpartum depression is becoming one of the most common condition but with social stigma and not talked about. Simple lifestyle changes and techniques help mothers to enjoy motherhood and overcome depression easily.

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